The GoldRIN™ Solution

GoldRIN™ has built a non-regulatory risk transfer solution to the dysfunction and lack of transparency that can bring integrity and sustained lower costs to the renewable fuel sector; an approach which combines forensic surveillance of producers with a secure RIN exchange platform backed by a complete indemnity program for all GoldRIN™ Exchange Platform Members.

  • A proprietary forensic verification protocol of both feedstock and produced renewable fuels.
  • A patented commodity management and technology platform to provide transparent transfer and tracking of the verified and insured RIN’s 
  • A scalable proprietary RIN indemnity policy starting at $100,000,000

  1. The only source for effective full spectrum management of RIN risk
  2. The only source for standardized exchange traded RINs
  3. The only source for reliable data from which to extrapolate expected RIN values
  4. The only source for 100% financial responsibility for invalid RINs
  5. The only source for a RIN integrity financial guarantee backed by A+ insurers placed by Aon PLC, the largest insurance broker in the world
  6. The only source that can address the needs of all RFS parties as an industry partner not encumbered by EPA oversight or regulation
  7. The only source for the lowest cost and most efficient RIN integrity program

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