About Us

GoldRIN Holdings, LLC was formed in response to the disruption of trading in Biodiesel RIN's caused by the distribution of millions of fraudulent RIN's in 2010 & 2011.  The uncertainties caused by this fraud have significantly impacted the production of Biodiesel fuel and trading of Biodiesel RIN's; despite work by the trade associations and EPA and pressure from the Government and White House, no truly comprehensive solution has emerged, affording the protections that the Obligated Parties need.

Until now.

A group of experienced senior executives with backgrounds in Biofuel Production, Insurance, Finance and Commodities Trading formed
GoldRIN™ to provide the solution that realigns the interests of the Buyers, Producers and the EPA, restoring order and confidence to the marketplace for RIN's.  GoldRIN™
is the ONLY solution offering an audit and verification process where RIN's are backed by a $100 million insured indemnity.

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